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Wayeal shines at the 12th Central China Investment and Trade Fair!

From May 21st to 23rd, the 12th Central China Investment and Trade Expo (“Central China Expo”) with the theme of “Openness, Cooperation, Transformation and Innovation” was grandly opened in Taiyuan Jinyang Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center. Wayeal was invited to participate in the conference as a well-known enterprise in the field of environmental monitoring instruments in China.

During the exhibition, Wayeal brought several core environmental monitoring products such as outdoor small-scale water quality online automatic monitoring system, motor vehicle exhaust remote sensing, aerosol particle lidar, gas chromatography mass spectrometer GCMS and other core environmental monitoring products, and used rich and vivid light box advertisements on the spot. Publicity videos and other publicity methods fully demonstrated the latest technological achievements of Wayeal. On-site staff of our company warmly received guests’ inquiries, answered their questions patiently, and introduced the products displayed on site one by one. The environmental monitoring products exhibited by our company are very popular, attracting a large number of government leaders, exhibitors, news media, the public and entrepreneurs to visit and discuss cooperation.

Through this Central China Expo, customers have deepened their understanding and understanding of the technological advancement and product superiority of Wayeal products, and further expanded the brand influence of Wayeal in Shanxi, Hubei, Hunan and other central regions. In the future, Wayeal will continue to increase the research and development of new products, launch more new products that meet customer needs, and contribute to the prevention and control of the ecological environment during my country’s 14th Five-Year Plan period and to win the battle to defend the ecological environment.

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