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Wayeal participates in the 2021 Jiangxi Province Environmental Soil Monitoring Technology Conference

In order to strength

In order to improve the technical ability and level of soil monitoring personnel, fully understand the national soil environmental monitoring task requirements and technical points, and lay a solid foundation for the comprehensive development of soil environmental monitoring “Technical Ability and Level” as the theme, the 2021 Jiangxi Environmental Soil Monitoring Technology Conference hosted by Jiangxi Metrology Association and Jiangxi Metrology and Testing Society and undertaken by EWG1990 Instrument Learning Network was successfully held in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province.

The organizing committee invites research experts in related fields of environmental soil monitoring across the country, local environmental monitoring agencies, third-party environmental testing laboratories, and colleges and universities and other related analysis and testing professionals to jointly exchange relevant information encountered in the process of soil environmental monitoring Issues and the most cutting-edge technical means, regarding the status quo of domestic soil environmental monitoring, domestic soil environmental monitoring quality management system, domestic and foreign soil environmental monitoring methods and technologies, soil sampling technical specifications, soil conventional project analysis techniques, soil heavy metal element pretreatment and analysis Discussion and analysis of related topics such as technology, soil organic project analysis technology, soil analysis quality control technology and requirements, etc.

Anhui Wanyi Technology Co., Ltd. brought its high-end products, multifunctional ion chromatography IC6600 and ultra-high performance liquid chromatography LC3600 products to the exhibition. The sales staff of Wayeal introduced the technical characteristics of the products to customers in detail. IC6600 can be configured with high-end The dual-pump dual-system detection can realize simultaneous detection of anion and cation, with high efficiency, high sensitivity, and high reliability. The revolution of LC3600 “Pathfinder” ultra-high performance liquid chromatography is to provide high-precision ultra-high pressure infusion unit, low system diffusion volume and optimized flow path. The needle in the flow path autosampler has ultra-low injection cycle and extremely Low cross-contamination, faster speed, higher sensitivity and resolution, and bring higher efficiency to customers.

Anhui Wanyi Technology Co., Ltd. brought its high-end products, multifunctional ion chromatograph IC6600 and ultra-high performance liquid chromatograph LC3600

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