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Wayeal in Shaanxi Province Drug Quality Control and Inspection Technology Forum

In orderOn August 1, 2021, the two-day 2021 Shaanxi Provincial Drug Quality Control and Inspection Technology Forum ended successfully. The meeting was hosted by the Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Association, and jointly organized by the Drug Testing and Quality Management Committee of the Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Association and the Shaanxi Institute of Food and Drug Inspection. Anhui Wanyi Technology Co., Ltd. participated.

The purpose of this conference is to further enhance the laboratory management capabilities of pharmaceutical companies, promote the overall improvement of pharmaceutical testing and quarantine skills, display the latest developments in drug safety control and laboratory inspection and control technology, and contribute to the province’s disease control and epidemic prevention. Experts from the National Cooperation Department of the State Drug Administration, the Drug Production Supervision Division of the Shaanxi Provincial Drug Administration, the Shaanxi Provincial Food and Drug Inspection Institute, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Northwest University and other major institutions attended the meeting.

The conference was divided into three sub-forums: chemical medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and microbiology, and discussed technical issues such as laboratory drug analysis, inspection technology, sterilization management and microbiological control in the pharmaceutical industry. Wayeal application engineers made a keynote report on “Application of Liquid Chromatography Technology in Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry” and shared relevant content such as the development of liquid chromatography technology, the application of HPLC in the traditional Chinese medicine industry, and the application of UHPLC in the traditional Chinese medicine industry.

Wayeal exhibited new products such as ultra-high performance liquid chromatograph, dual-system ion chromatograph, high-performance liquid chromatograph and so on during this conference, which attracted a large number of experts and teachers to visit and understand. The on-site staff carefully explained the doubts to the teachers and introduced Wayeal’s various products one by one. Through this meeting, customers have gained knowledge and understanding of the technical advantages of our products, and further expanded the company’s brand influence in Shaanxi.

In the future, Wayeal will continue to increase product R&D and technological innovation, and further realize the substitution of imports, build an enterprise with strong international competitiveness in the field of analysis and testing instruments, and become a model of a respected Chinese enterprise with a sense of social responsibility!

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