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EMIF2021 Environmental Monitoring Technology Innovation Forum

In order to strengthen the exchange of environmental monitoring technology and improve the technical ability and level of environmental monitoring personnel, the “EMIF2021 Environmental Monitoring Technology Innovation Forum” sponsored by the Shandong Society of Environmental Sciences was successfully held on October 14-15, 2021 in Jinan, Shandong. Wayeal and other well-known domestic instrument manufacturers participated in the event.

The meeting invited experts from the Shandong Provincial Ecological Environment Monitoring Center, experts in the formulation and revision of environmental industry standards, and professors from universities and research institutes in the environmental field to attend the meeting and give wonderful lectures.

The conference focused on technical issues such as noise monitoring technology, new volatile organic compound analysis technology, new future automation technology for environmental testing, pollution source monitoring technology, and new technology for soil heavy metal pretreatment in the environmental industry.

At the meeting, the head of Wayeal marketing department gave a keynote report on “The Application of Ion Chromatography Analysis Technology in Environmental Water Quality”, and shared a complete set of solutions for the application of new technologies of multifunctional ion chromatographs in the environmental field.

The high performance liquid chromatograph and ion chromatograph exhibited by Wanyi Technology during this conference attracted a large number of experts and teachers to visit and understand.

The on-site staff carefully explained the doubts to the teachers and introduced various products of the analysis instruments.

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