LC3100 high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)


It can complete the work of multiple high-performance liquid chromatography in a shorter time, with higher resolution, less reagent consumption, more intelligent and convenient, and greatly reducing the management cost of the instrument.

High-performance liquid chromatography description

HPLC is an instrument that applies the principles of high-performance liquid chromatography and is mainly used to analyze organic compounds with high boiling points, non-volatile, thermally unstable, and large molecular weights. It consists of a reservoir, pump, sample injector, chromatographic column, detector, recorder and other parts. The mobile phase in the reservoir is pumped into the system by the high-pressure pump, and the sample solution enters the mobile phase through the sampler, and is loaded into the chromatographic column (stationary phase) by the mobile phase. With different distribution coefficients, when the two phases move relative to each other, after repeated adsorption-desorption distribution processes, each component has a large difference in moving speed, and is separated into individual components and flowed out of the column in turn. When passing through the detector, the sample concentration is converted into an electrical signal and sent to the recorder, and the data is printed out in the form of a chromatogram.

Main configuration of Wayeal high-performance liquid chromatography LC3100

  • P3100B binary high pressure gradient high pressure pump/P3100Q quaternary low pressure gradient high pressure pump;

  • AS3100 autosampler;

  • SO3100 Solvent Manager;

  • CT3100 heated column thermostat;

  • UV3100 UV detector;

  • Chromatography workstation.

LC3100 high performance liquid chromatography

LC3100 high performance liquid chromatography features

  • Mainstream split design, complete system testing function, meet most testing needs;

  • Customized acetonitrile-resistant check valve;

  • The new cam curve design adopts electronic pulse suppression technology and solvent compression compensation to further reduce pressure fluctuations and ensure higher repeatability of test results;

  • Standard plunger bar online cleaning function;

  • 1800L/mm grating;

  • Optional our UV, ELSD, FLD, DAD detector;

  • Fully Intelligent Counter Control Chromatography Workstation.

Industry Application

High performance liquid chromatography has been widely used and promoted in the fields of chemical production, pharmacy, biology, food safety, medicine and environment. Compared with general detection methods, HPLC has fast analysis speed, high separation efficiency, high detection sensitivity, automatic detection, wide application range, easy recovery of components, simple sample processing, and better feasibility and accuracy .

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