Ion chromatograph instrument IC6200

Wayeal ion chromatograph instrument

Ion chromatography is a kind of chromatographic instrument that uses ion exchange resin with low exchange capacity as fixed relative ionic substance to separate, and uses conductivity detector to continuously detect the change of effluent conductivity or electrochemical detector to detect the change of electrical signal of the substance.

If you pursue the long-term stability of the instrument, the convenience brought by instrument automation, and the pursuit of high-quality service, Wayeal IC6200 ion chromatography will be your best choice.

Features of Wayeal ion chromatograph instrument

  • Integrated design, highlight LCD full touch GUI controller

  • Higher automation: “One-button flush” and “one-button maintenance” instrument automatic maintenance function

  • The integration is higher: support the optional part upgrade to two-dimensional system and multi-detector connection

  • Full plastic non-metallic flow path

  • Precision PEEK material ion chromatography pump

  • Electrolytic self-regenerative membrane suppressor

  • High-precision controlling conductivity detector

  • Powerful and easy to operate the chromatographic workstation

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