Ion chromatograph IC6100


It can complete the work of multiple high-performance liquid chromatography in a shorter time, with higher resolution, less reagent consumption, more intelligent and convenient, and greatly reducing the management cost of the instrument.

How does ion chromatography work?

Ion chromatography is a kind of high performance liquid chromatography, so it is also called high performance ion chromatography (HPIC) or modern ion chromatography. It is different from traditional ion exchange chromatography column chromatography mainly in that the resin has a high degree of cross-linking and low The exchange capacity, the injection volume is very small, and the plunger pump is used to transport the eluent, which usually performs on-line automatic continuous conductance detection of the eluent.

Features of ion chromatograph IC6100

  • Integrated appearance,highlight LCD full touch GUI controller

  • The degree of automation is higher

  • Automatic maintenance of “one-button flush” and “one-button maintenance” instrument

  • Full plastic non-metallic flow path .The whole system is highly controlled

  • Precision PEEK material ion Chromatographic pump

  • Electrolytic self-regenerative membrane suppressor

  • High-precision controlling conductivity detector .Powerful and easy to operate the chromatographic workstation

IC6100 ion chromatograph system components

Liquid bottle

2L imported thick-walled polypropylene eluent bottle; adopts sealed connection design; double bottle design, adding deionized water for flushing, can realize “one-key flushing” and “one-key maintenance”.

Low capacity online degassing

The Teflon@AF tube is used, and the low volume shortens the solution replacement time; the two channels can simultaneously degas the eluent and flushing liquid online.

Precision PEEK material ion chromatography

All PEEK material pump head, acid-based and reverse phase organic solvent to avoid metal pollution; Patented two-level suspension drive technology, greatly extend the life of the seal; The series double plunger mode of electronic pulsation suppression technology provides eluent with high precision, low pulsation and low drift; With high, low voltage protection, and sealing rinsing function.

Solvent switching device

Full Peek material, can realize the seamless switch of eluent and flushing liquid, and can realize online replacement without stopping the pump; cooperate with software control to realize the functions of “one-key flushing” and “one-key maintenance”

High precision column thermostat

The built-in column temperature box reduces the volume of the flow path and the heating function of the flushing liquid. It can eliminate the low room temperature, the temperature fluctuation is high, high-efficiency heat exchange technology, high temperature control accuracy; You can directly observe the working conditions of the column by transparent observation window

Electric PEEK inlet valve

The RHEODYNE electric PEEK feed valve, acid-based and reverse organic solvent, avoid metal pollution, electric injection control, provide stable and constant sample volume.

Electrolytic self-regenerated membrane suppressor

Provide continuous stable inhibitory capabilities, improve the stability and reproducibility of analysis, reduce system noise and drift, fast equilibrium time, unmetura risk, long service life.

High-precision controlling conductivity detector

Digital unpolatically conductive detector, providing a wide dynamic detection range, allowing high content components and low content components to detect simultaneously;

High-precision controlling electrical conductive pool guarantees the stability and sensitivity of the test, ensuring that the instrument can be stabilized under any laboratory conditions; with temperature compensation function.

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