Ion chromatograph IC6000


It can complete the work of multiple high-performance liquid chromatography in a shorter time, with higher resolution, less reagent consumption, more intelligent and convenient, and greatly reducing the management cost of the instrument.

Product description

Ion chromatography is a kind of high performance liquid chromatography, so it is also called high performance ion chromatography (HPIC) or modern ion chromatography. It is different from traditional ion exchange chromatography column chromatography mainly in that the resin has a high degree of cross-linking and low The exchange capacity, the injection volume is very small, and the plunger pump is used to transport the eluent, which usually performs on-line automatic continuous conductance detection of the eluent.

How does ion chromatography work?

The working process of the ion chromatograph is: the infusion pump delivers the mobile phase to the analysis system at a stable flow rate (or pressure), introduces the sample through the sampler before the chromatographic column, and the mobile phase brings the sample into the chromatographic column. The components in the medium are separated and flowed to the detector in turn with the mobile phase. In the suppressed ion chromatography, a suppression system is added before the conductivity detector, that is, another high-pressure infusion pump is used to deliver the regenerated fluid to the suppressor. In the process, the background conductivity of the mobile phase is reduced, and then the effluent is introduced into the conductivity detection cell, and the detected signal is sent to the data system for recording, processing or storage. The non-suppressed ion chromatograph does not need a suppressor and a high-pressure pump to transport the regenerant, so the structure of the instrument is relatively simple.

Product Characteristics

  • Integrated design,highlight LCD full touch screen GUI controller;

  • Fully plastic non-metallic flow path;

  • Full system high-precisioncontrol;

  • Precision of PEEK ion chromatographic pump;

  • Electrolytic self-regenerative membrane suppressor;

  • High-precision controlling conductivity detector;

  • Powerful and easy to operate the chromatographic workstation


Precision PEEK material ion chromatography pump

  • Maximum pressure : 35MPa(5000psi)

  • Flow rate range : 0.0001-10.0000mL/min

  • Flow setting error : ±0.25%

  • Flow stability : RSD≤0.1%

  • Pressure display accuracy : ≤0.001Mpa

Column thermostat

  • Temperature range : Room temperature +5℃ to 85℃

  • Temperature control accuracy : ±0.01℃ 

  • Temperature stability : ±0.05℃

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