IC6300 integrated ion chromatograph


It integrates the key components of the eluent generator, pump, column thermostat, and detector plasma chromatography. It has the characteristics of high cost performance, high sensitivity and high reliability.

Product Description

Precision PEEK material ion chromatography pump

The pump head made of PEEK material is resistant to acid, alkali and inverse organic solvents, avoiding metal pollution, and the patented two-stage suspension transmission technology greatly extends the life of the seal ring;

The series double plunger mode of electronic pulsation suppression technology provides high-precision, low-pulsation eluent, with high and low pressure protection functions and sealing ring flushing functions.

High-precision column thermostat

The built-in column thermostat reduces the dead volume in the flow path. It also has the function of preheating the eluent, which can eliminate the negative effects of low ambient temperature and large temperature fluctuations.

Electric PEEK injection valve

Electric PEEK injection valve is used, which is resistant to acid and alkali organic solvents, avoiding metal contamination, and electric injection control provides stable and constant sample volume.

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