High Performance Liquid Chromatography LC3300

LC3300 high performance liquid chromatography is an upgrade on our conventional liquid chromatograph. Its pressure resistance has reached 69 MPa Its pump, autosampler, detector and column oven are upgraded.

High performance liquid chromatography core configuration

  • High-pressure pump

Customized high-precision gradient valve to ensure extremely high gradient repeatability;The high-pressure constant flow pump with patented secondary suspension technology improves the service life of the system, reduces the wear of the sealing ring, and saves the cost of use for customers;The built-in degassing machine can meet the degassing of the cleaning liquid of the high-pressure pump and the sampler at the same time.

  • UV detector

High-precision reflective lens, 1800 line blazed grating, to ensure extremely low stray light and great linear range;Independent cooling air duct design suppresses baseline drift.

  • Autosampler

Adopting the “needle in the flow path” design, the sample waste is close to zero; the high-precision jewel rod metering pump greatly improves the accuracy of sample injection;

  • Column oven

Heating-cooling two-way air bath temperature control, gentle temperature control, uniform heating, high stability;Provide 2 installation positions of “250mm chromatographic column + guard column” to meet the needs of most users.

  • Workstation

It has local deployment and network deployment functions to meet the needs of users of different scales.

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