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Environmental industry solutions


The natural environment (including the atmosphere, water, soil, geology and biological environment, etc.) is the material basis for human survival. However, the rapid development of human society, industrial production and human daily life have caused severe damage and pollution to the natural environment, threatening the survival and development of mankind. At present, mankind is facing unprecedented environmental challenges, and facing severe challenges in environmental analysis and monitoring. Whether it is water pollution detection, drinking water impurity measurement, indoor air monitoring, or identification of emerging pollutants, environmental analysis results must be more reliable, efficient, and high-quality than ever before.
Wayeal can provide customers who are engaged in the measurement of organic and inorganic chemicals in water, soil, air or food with targeted excellent solutions — instruments, accessories, consumables and services.

Program overview

Comprehensive, efficient, accurate and rapid laboratory analysis capabilities are essential for environmental industry testing and monitoring. If you want to find a high-quality supplier of laboratory analysis instruments for the environmental industry, Wayeal is your best choice. We provide a complete set of solutions for various types of samples in the environmental industry, such as multi-category analysis instruments, complete testing solutions, technical support, and data processing and analysis. Wayeal brings the latest innovations in ion chromatography, liquid chromatography and gas chromatography into your laboratory work. From seamless integration of sample preparation, chromatographic separation and atomic absorption spectrophotometer to laboratory data management and analysis, we focus on developing the most advanced workflow solutions to meet the demand of today’s laboratory’s analytical performance, production capacity and ease of use.Among them, the ion chromatography technology has reached the international leading level; the liquid chromatography has the domestic leading technology level and the most complete detector types to meet the detection needs of various parameters of water, soil, air, and solid waste in the environmental industry; the atomic absorption spectrophotometer adopts international Leading technology, providing a complete set of solutions for the analysis of various elements in the environmental industry. Wayeal environmental industry testing solutions meet the needs of environmental water, soil, air, solid waste and other samples, and provide you with a one-stop solution

Scheme composition

Liquid chromatography

High performance liquid chromatography has been widely used in environmental monitoring, especially for the separation and analysis of pollutants in agricultural production systems with large molecular weight, low volatility, and poor thermal stability. Such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, phenols, polycyclic biphenyls, phthalates, benzidines, anionic surfactants, agricultural production system pesticides, herbicides, etc.

Ion chromatography

Ion chromatography is mainly used for the analysis of environmental samples, including surface water, drinking water, rainwater The analysis of anions and cations in samples such as domestic sewage and industrial wastewater, acid deposits and atmospheric particles, and trace impurities in water and reagents related to the microelectronics industry.

Atomic absorption spectrophotometer

Atomic absorption spectroscopy is now widely used in various analytical fields, mainly in four areas: theoretical research; elemental analysis; organic matter analysis; metal chemical speciation analysis.



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