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Determination of Pesticide Aluminum Triethylphosphonate by Ion Chromatography

Aluminum triethylphosphonate is an organophosphorus high-efficiency, broad-spectrum, systemic low-toxicity fungicide. Vegetables, fruit tree downy mildew, blight, pineapple heart rot, citrus root rot, stem rot, grass mold stem rot, red pulp is effective. It is suitable for a wide range of crops, and can be widely used in various fruits, vegetables and flower plants.

The active ingredient of aluminum triethylphosphonate is aluminum triethylphosphonate, and the original drug is white powder, which is easily soluble in water and insoluble in organic solvents. Low volatility, easy to decompose in case of acid and alkali. Non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-explosive, easy to agglomerate when wet.

Chemical titration is cumbersome to operate and requires higher personnel, while ion chromatography is more convenient. This paper mainly introduces the detection of aluminum triethylphosphonate, phosphite and sulfate in aluminum triethylphosphonate wettable powder by ion chromatography.

1.Instrument configuration

Ion Chromatography: IC6100
Autosampler: AS3100


Preparation of standard solutions. If you need more information, please contact us

3.Chromatographic conditions

ColumnIonPac AS23 4×250mm+Wayeal 4.6×10mm
Eluent4.5mM sodium carbonate + 0.8mM sodium bicarbonate
Flow rate0.8mL/min
Column temperature30℃Cell temperature35℃
Current30mAInjection volume5μL

4.Aluminum triethylphosphonate test chromatogram

Test spectrum of aluminum triethylphosphonate standard

Test spectrum of sodium phosphite standard sample

TesSodium sulfate standard sample test spectrum

Test spectrum of aluminum triethylphosphonate powder

Summary: Using ion chromatography to detect aluminum triethylphosphonate, the pretreatment is simple, the sample can be dissolved and diluted with the mobile phase, the analysis is fast, the content of active ingredients and impurities can be determined at the same time, and all ions can be peaked within 30 minutes



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