Continuous flow analyzer CFA1900 with multi channel

Continuous flow analyzer description

It is an automated chemical analyzer in which the samples and reagents are pumped continuously through a system of modules interconnected by tubing.The continuous flow analyzer uses continuous flow to suck sample solutions from various reagent containers, mix the sample with reagents in the flow path system, and use a peristaltic pump to draw air, samples, and reagents to the determined flow path. In the end, the detection is completed by the detector. The whole process is fully automated.

continuous flow analyzer-1

CFA1900 Continuous flow analyzer core configuration

  • Autosampler:single needle 100 positions, 10 standard positions, 90 sample positions;

  • Peristaltic pump:16-channel peristaltic pump, 10-channel air pump;

  • Heating channel:Multi-channel independent heating and temperature control;

  • Detector:Double beam colorimeter, LED light source or halogen light source;

  • Data processing workstation:Visual graphical interface, hierarchical design, simple operation;

  • Module:According to user needs, you can choose to install multiple analysis modules.

CFA1900 Continuous flow analyzer features

  • Fast analysis speed: fast sample analysis speed, 40~120 samples per hour;

  • Wide detection range, from low ppb level to high ppm level;

  • The unique pressure adjustment design, with the special material gland inner core, solves the problem of inconsistent fatigue trends of pump tubes with different wall thicknesses, guarantees long-term liquid inlet stability, and improves detection accuracy;

  • The new integrated small-scale high-sensitivity detector has optimized the optical structure and anti-seismic design to ensure stable performance and ensure the detection results; it can be stable and ensure the detection results; the tube fatigue trend is inconsistent, ensuring the stability of long-term liquid inflow, and improving the detection accuracy;

  •  Modular integrated design

  • Can be customized according to user needs, saving space, suitable for on-site emergency detection of vehicle/ship 

  • Intelligent analysis control software

  • Visual graphical interface, hierarchical design, built-in curve fitting, fast calibration, multi-channel data processing system; 

  • Intelligent connection control system

  • No wiring required, data can be transmitted via WiFi, long transmission distance

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