Eluent generator

Features of Eluent generator

The basic principle of the automatic eluent generator is that the electrolyzed water generates the eluent online

Eliminate the trouble and error caused by manual preparation of eluent. By controlling the current, users only need to add pure water to accurately produce the required concentration and high-purity eluent, and gradient elution can be achieved without using expensive multiple pumps.

Save manpower and time

Only deionized water is needed to produce eluents of different concentrations;

Save costs for customers

The eluent generator can achieve gradient elution on a single pump;

Extend instrument life

Only need to pump deionized water into the chromatographic system, the seal ring and piston of the pump will no longer be corroded by acid, alkali and salt, reducing the failure rate of the pump and delaying the service life of the pump;

Accurate and reliable, high repeatability

After the eluent generator is connected to the pump and before the injection valve, the concentration adjustment does not need to pass through the internal volume of the pump, so the response is rapid and there is almost no delay;

Automatic gradient elution

By controlling the current to accurately generate eluents of different concentrations, the entire chemical process is completed in a sealed volume, avoiding errors caused by manual eluent preparation and pollution caused by exposure to the air, and effectively improving the accuracy of eluent concentration.

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