China manufacturer of HPLC chromatography LC3000

Wayeal has varieties of chromatographic instruments.It is top manufacturer of HPLC chromatography in China.

Components of HPLC chromatography LC3000

Main configuration (single pump, binary pump)

  • P3000I isocratic high pressure pump / P3000B gradient high pressure pump
  • SO3000 Solvent Manager
  • AT-330 constant temperature column thermostat
  • UV3000 UV detector
  • Chromatography workstation
China manufacturer of HPLC chromatography

HPLC chromatography LC3000 features

  • Mainstream split design, complete system testing function, to meet most testing needs;
  • Customized acetonitrile-resistant check valve;
  • The new cam curve design adopts electronic pulsation suppression technology and solvent compression compensation to further reduce.Low pressure fluctuation to ensure higher repeatability of test results;
  • Standard configuration of plunger rod online cleaning function;
  • The detector is equipped with a deuterium lamp imported from Germany, which greatly improves the life of the light source and detection accuracy;
  • 1800L/mm grating;
  • Fully intelligent counter-control chromatographic work.

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