Atomic absorption spectrophotometer WYS2000


Product Description

Atomic absorption spectrometer, also known as atomic absorption spectrophotometer, analyzes metal elements based on the effect of atomic vapor in the ground state of the substance on the absorption of characteristic radiation. It can sensitively and reliably determine trace or trace elements.

WYS2000 atomic absorption spectrophotometer series

  • High luminous flux and total reflection double beam splitting system, single beam/double beam arbitrarily automatic switching;

  • The detector adopts imported (Hamamatsu Photonics) photomultiplier tube, the performance is more stable;

  • Highly automatic adjustment system and reliable safety protection function;

  • Ergonomic design, in-line element lamp holder, can quickly install the hollow cathode lamp, six lamp holders are installed vertically to ensure the stability of the light path, and support six lamps to light up or preheat at the same time;

  • Powerful analysis assistant. The fully self-developed automated, intelligent, powerful, and user-friendly atomic absorption operation software provides guarantee for experimental analysis.

WYS2100 Single Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

  • The third-generation total reflection double beam optical path system, the optical lens technology is improved, and the luminous flux is increased by 20%;

  • Use high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant pure titanium burner and explosion-proof corrosion-resistant material all-plastic atomization chamber;

  • Optional complete nitrous oxide/acetylene gas system to analyze more than 30 high-temperature elements;

  • It can be adapted to imported atomizers and special hydrofluoric acid resistant atomizers.

Industry Application

Food, medicine, environment, metallurgy, agriculture, disease control

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